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Troubleshooting guide for tenants


Electrical problem


No power: Determine the cause by narrowing down. Is it an area outage, a building outage, or just in your unit, and if so, is it partial or even confined to one particular area? Look out the window, out in the common areas, or in other areas of your home.


-          Area outage: using a mobile or an analog phone, first report it to City of Austin at 512-494-9400, then notify us at customer service.


-          Building outage / Full outage in unit: report it to us as an emergency, though we may not be able to remedy the actual problem on the same day.


-          Partial outage in unit: Reset GFI switches and check for tripped circuit breaker first. Even if you solve it, report to maintenance using a service request form.



General Electrical: If you smell smoke or a burning odor coming from an appliance, disconnect the plug or switch it off and isolate it from other devices; Electrical surges can occur when power is reconnected and could harm your electrical equipment. During a power outage, we strongly recommend unplugging equipment until the power has been restored.



Plumbing PROBLEM


General: plumbing systems are under pressure. If you encounter a strong leak or flood, the first step is to find the nearest supply valve and shut it to reduce the pressure. Supply valves for faucets are usually directly underneath on the wall, and sometimes inside vanity cabinets. Supply valves for toilets are on the wall near the base of the toilet. Most supply valves are shaped like a wheel or an oval and are shut by turning clockwise (“righty tighty”). Twist them too firmly and they will snap, too gently and they won’t shut. Use common sense.


Flooding: If there is uncontrolled water running due to a break in the water system, please report the problem as an emergency and try to turn off the supply valve to the outpouring area. If you cannot find a nearby valve, shut down the external water main located on the ground floor. Do everything within your power to contain any leaking or flooding by using towels and sheets if necessary. Contact other residents who may be affected.


No Hot Water: Generally no hot water is not considered an emergency. Please report it as a service request. To get around the problem temporarily, you can boil water in your kitchen.


No or Low Heat: If you have no heat and you have verified with others at your building that they do not have heat either, and it is below 55 degrees outside, report it as an emergency. Otherwise, report it in a service request.



Other Major Issues


Gas Odor: If you smell gas and suspect a leaking appliance, turn off the appliance and turn off its gas supply. The shutoff handle should be somewhere near the supply line. If you cannot shut off the gas, open all windows to allow air to diffuse the gas. If the gas continues to build up, contact the fire department by calling 911 and report that you have a gas leak and you have been unable to turn off the supply line. Thereafter call Texas Gas Service at: 800-700-2443 and only then notify the management.


Broken Window Pane, Window lock, Doorknob, or Door Lock: This is considered an emergency only when it prevents a resident from securing their apartment unit or if the broken glass is in a dangerous or precarious position and might injure someone. When temporary security measures can be taken, residents should implement these and report the problem in a service request. For compromised windows or doors easily accessible from outside, report an emergency.


Lock-Outs/Lost and Stolen Keys: We are not responsible for resident lock-outs, though we may offer assistance for fee. Report the lockout as an emergency and we will make arrangements to provide access to your unit. A photo ID is required for staff to verify your identity. If your keys are lost or stolen with any sort of identification, it will be necessary to change the locks to your apartment unit and any other common area locks to which you had keys or electronic keys. This is for your protection and the protection of other residents. We recommend that you contact your Renters Insurance agent or carrier, as lock and key changes can be expensive to complete after hours.



General Building Maintenance and Repair Items


The emergency service should only be used for problems with essential services; such as total electricity loss, sewage blockage, water supply, burst pipes or when the property or people is in danger if repairs are not carried out urgently. Costs incurred for unnecessary emergency assistance or dispatch of trades people for non-essential repairs, will be met by the tenant.


Pest control services, appliances repairs (microwave, refrigerator, stovetop or oven), routine maintenance such as the repair of a dripping faucet, bathtub caulking, complaints regarding water pressure or volume, water temperature, and other non-urgent, routine or ongoing unresolved maintenance issues will not be deemed to be emergencies and will not be given priority status. However, if you are unsure, please report your problem and a staff member will make a final determination.